About Lord Our Righteousness

I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick

and in prison and you did not look after me.’

Matthew 25:43

Free Sweater

In the freezing night, when the entire city dons their sweaters, monkey-caps and mufflers with a hot cup of tea (which they enjoy holding instead of drinking), there are few under-privileged who cannot afford even a blanket and die – without a roof or cloth on their bare bodies – to add one more to the count of deaths in North India due to cold wave every year. Is there are ray of hope for the rest? Yes, there is, and it is LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESSS and it’s not about changing the lives of the people but doing something even more basic than that – making them survive – enabling them to fight their battle of survival against Mother Nature. We know that most families have a hard time making ends meet. Even with both parents working, after paying for the rent/mortgage, utilities, car loan(s) and insurance, gas, etc.. we barely have enough money for the day to day necessities. Our kids are growing so fast, it seems we have to buy new shoes and clothes every other month. The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS with a heart for serves the poor and needy population in different areas. Our goal is to meet the needs with adequate clothing for different seasons and weather. We also want the clothing to be decent and clean to give these people a boost in their already low self-esteem. Considering the amount of clothing that is thrown away every day, there is no reason for people to go without basic clothing. Our aim is to give clothing directly to the people who are in need and not to drop it off somewhere assuming it will be distributed. Reaching out to the Neediest Ensuring that the help reaches out only to the neediest has been the principal challenge for LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Since the inception, making sure that the help reaches only to the ones who are actually in need has been the key objective of the LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Our most important goal is to share with these people the love of Jesus Christ. We go in His name and try through the power of the Holy Spirit to offer love, empathy and the Good News of forgiveness and salvation. We do this with our smiles and touches and also with our willingness to pray and talk with everyone who is interested. .