About Lord Our Righteousness

Nor was there anyone among them who lacked; for all who were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold. Acts - 4 : 34

Our Works

Since 2005 the base of LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS Trust was laid with changes in my life. When life changes into religious form then everything goes good. Good thinking, good temperament and the feeling of love and mercy, for others only a religious person can do. Similarly, slowly and gradually all these things started happening in my life when my life changed and from one we became two from two we became three then four and this process started going on. Then in 2008 in my spiritual life by the call and command of our LORD this name was given by the LORD, ‘LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS’, which is written in the Holy Bible in Jeremiah 23:6. This name is one of the twelve holy names of our LORD, which means that we have to do all those works which teaches us to live in righteous and to give our life for others. Slowly and steadily we started learning and our LORD continued teaching us. In the year 2008, LORD gave us a command that we should register it and work in the form of a Society. Then we got it registered in the form of a LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS Society on 08-08-2008 and to give all the glory to this holy name of our LORD we started doing prayers and special work. Slowly, slowly you all watched us and encouraged us. Under the grace of our LORD and through your support this society got spread throughout Rajasthan and LORD as He promised gave immense glory to His name. When we grow spiritually then, we along with our friends and relatives give importance to others also. Similarly, this ministry day by day along with Christians had also started reaching to the other needy people also. By the grace of our LORD, slowly and gradually this ministry by reaching different villages started paying attention on the requirements and problems which they are facing and first and foremost we thought about children, that it is very important to educate the children of the villages. We started going in these villages and started explaining the children, that you are the future of our nation, if you will not study then think what is going to happen to our nation? Are we going to lag behind always? That’s why if we want to take our nation to the heights, then we will have to study. You study and if you have any problem we will solve it. Then slowly, we started giving sweaters, clothes, school dresses, pencil boxes, shoes, tiffin boxes, water bottles, copies etc. to them. And we realized that these things encouraged them so much that they started going to school and we started growing. Then we gave them the things to play in school, like football, badminton, bat ball etc. We started form the villages nearby and slowly we stared growing. Now, we remembered the children who are in cities and are poor and orphan, or the father is no more and mother is working in other houses to earn their living. Slowly, we stared searching these kind of children and started teaching them. We started giving them the things needed for their studies like fees, school dresses, bags etc. We felt peace in our heart by doing all these works and we by the grace of our LORD and your support, we supported 50 children then 100 then 200 same way first one village then two and we started moving and increasing on and on. Then we saw the villagers also, that what are their big basic needs. Then we started giving blankets to the needy people and the ones who were not having clothes we started giving them clothes and slowly we started teaching them also. And the ladies which are working with us started making the girls aware of cleanliness. One more thing that came into our knowledge is that in villages girls are not allowed to study much. We slowly and gradually started explaining them and by the grace of our LORD we became successful in this also. But the girls who are grown up and had not studied, we started teaching them stitching, knitting, embroidery etc. Now we had started going in more and more villages and through your support we are fulfilling their day to day requirements. Then by the command of our LORD, in September 2012 this LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS Society got registered in the form of an International Charitable and Religious Trust. And now LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, along with Rajasthan have started working in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh also. We told them about the work we are doing in Rajasthan then they also started joining us and the process started going on. Now through LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS Trust, medical facilities are also provided to the poor and needy people. For their cure we arrange doctors and medicines also. Time and again by organizing medical camps we do their medical checkups also. We emphasize more on educating people and we provide them whatever they need. After this one more problem that we noticed is, men are drug educated and because of that their family is not able to grow or progress. Then we started our work in this field also and through camps and by going door to door we started explaining them. The biggest thing that came to our notice is that if a person is not a believer, then unless he will come to believe he will be involved in the habits of drugs, fighting etc. As, when I was not a believer I was away from spiritual teachings, then I was also the same. So, we turned them and encouraged them towards believing and slowly we succeeded. When I became religious then along with me one ministry got raised and it brought changes in the lives of our people. Same way when in a village one house through cleaning became a healthy family, then other people of that village started emphasizing on cleanliness, family planning, education etc. All this happened by that grace of our LORD which His showed on me. Thank you LORD, I walked on the path that You showed me and this ministry is here today because of the support which your people have given. Thanks to you all and try to make an effort as changes can take place only through our efforts.

Lord Our Righteousness
♱ Rt.Rev.Dr.Prince Oliver
Moderator & Bishop